Raven Book 3

After finishing a few novellas I’m finally working on getting the last book out in the Raven trilogy. Embrace the Darkness. Going to aim to have it done in the next few months depending on how the photography business goes and any other jobs that pop up.

This book will catch the whole Raven story up to the present time and with other books.

After that I plan to work on a few other stories and trilogies in the Raven Universe and aim to have stone alone books of Raven published in between.

Next series will be introducing werewolves and witch clans, with the main MC Sarina Convel. I’m working on the details over at my bibliography website http://www.ravenvampire.com before starting on the series. I’ll be updating the site soon as well.

Catch up with the series by reading books 1 and 2 already out on Amazon for print and kindle.

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