Undreea the Undying Book Prints

Got my prints in from Amazon, going to compare them with Lulu and Barns and Noble Press to see which prints look best.

So far I like the way matte cover feel, but from Amazon I notice they always have spots of glue all over the cover, so they don’t have good quality look to them when they arrive. I’d hate to order 30 of these for a book signing and most are riddled with these glue spots. Not sure what is going on with the printers, but maybe they should look into it.

Hoping Lulu does better, but they don’t have an 8 by 5 size, which I have switched all my amazon books too. Ingram does. I plan to see how their books hold up with matte covers.

I’ve been watching videos on Youtube saying that Barns and Noble do really good with their matte prints, so I want to try them out too. But I’m still happy with these prints from Amazon, I might just have to go back to gloss for Amazon only.

I have a couple I tweaks to do on the interior, but pretty good thus far from what I’m seeing.

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