WJR Parks


William Ramos is a Texan, born in Lamesa and raised in Stanton. He began drawing comics at the tender age of four, becoming an accomplished artist by the time he was in his teens. By his early twenties, he'd written his first fantasy epic spanning well over 500,000 words.

William pursues acting and photography while working on his 'Raven's World' series and plans to have more books published that focus around other characters and groups in her world.

His next big project will be 'Solare', a fantasy world based on the role-playing games he enacted as a child. Among them, dragons, wizards, and of course, vampires!



My passion is writing and working on growing Raven's world and characters. I'm planing to eventually combine my Fantasy world of Solare with the Raven universe.


I mainly read to learn, but I love action and fast paced reads. Fantasy and Thriller are my favorite genres. History and Science are my go to subjects for learning about interesting things that help with my writing.


Cinematography and acting is another passion of mine. I used to live in Los Angeles and took acting classes and filmed a few indie films. I plan to return, but as of now I live in West Texas and film wedding films and planing to break into music filming.

Graphic Design

For over 20 years I designed web sites and graphics for marketing and logos. Web sites I created with Dreamweaver using HTML, CSS, javescript, and PhP. Though I've moved away from web design, I still do graphic design and create book covers for myself and a few authors that ask.


Photography is my main source of income. I started photography over ten years ago, working with models and getting published in men's magazines such as Playboy and other online publications. I've since expanded my passion into family photography, fashion, weddings and other photography styles.


I started drawing comics when I was 4 years old. It was one of my deep passions when I was growing up and I created many characters. I was a fan of both DC and Marvel comics. Now a days, I usually get into the mood of drawing once every year where I go on a drawing streak for a few weeks.